Adorable Disney short film fuses old and new

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Paperman, Disney's utterly adorable short film, is a first for the studio, fusing hand-drawn animation with CGI.

The short film shown before Wreck-it Ralph is a heart-warming piece of storytelling, hitting — as we have grown to expect from companion Pixar short films — all the right notes within its six and a half minutes.

But Paperman is also a first for the animation giant: fusing computer-generated animation with the studios traditional hand-drawn style. Shot almost entirely in black and white, with never a word spoken, the film's style also hearkens back to the drawing style of the studio's earlier days. It's the little things that make it stand out: the movement of hair, the way the light hits.

And although the film was directed by a first-timer — John Kahrs — two Disney greats also had a hand in its creation: Glen Keane for character design and John Lasseter as a producer.

The resulting film is absolutely gorgeous and Disney to the core, new technology and all. Watch it for yourself and see.

And if you want to know how the animation works, you can watch Kahrs explain it in the video below.

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so beautiful........
Posted by MartinE
yep, definitely old style, completely filled with white guys with just two or so women that just happens to be attractive in a traditional sense.
Posted by JeremyC3

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