Best e-readers in Australia

Each e-reader claims benefits over its rivals; how do you know which one will best suit your particular needs?

We take a look at some of the e-readers available in Australia and help take some of the legwork out of shopping around.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013)

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013)


CNET Editors' Rating: 4 stars

While the all-new Paperwhite may seem like an unspectacular upgrade on the surface, it's a clear improvement over the original Paperwhite and arguably the best e-reader currently available. more »

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Hi ebookers,

I finally about to delve into this world, but am very confused about the best for my needs, can anyone help me understand what I need to access?

ebooks from my personal library (either sync or tfr via USB)
ebooks from my (public) library
ebooks in the public domain (free)
the web (for news, maps and travel info)

I'd rather not be confined to Amazon for access to material, prefer long life battery, access to wifi and independently charge (not via computer).

The ability to play music and/or movies would be excellent

Thanks for any guidance you can provide

Posted by Kezz9963
Hi Kerry!

The Sony PRS-T3 would fit most of your needs quite nicely. However, no current E Ink e-readers support audio or video. If audio and video are absolute must-haves for you, maybe a seven-inch tablet such as the Nexus 7 or iPad Mini would be a better option.

Hope this helps!
Posted by Michelle Starr
I have had two e-readers. The first was a cheap Hanvon (very good but limited) and the second was an upgrade to Kobo Glo. The reason I chose this brand was because, although I actually write and publish e-books on Amazon, this brand is no use in Australia if you wish to borrow from public libraries. Though it's very good for accessing magazines etc. As my main use for an e-reader is to download free library books (I rarely buy books) it's very important to have one that can do this - and the Kindle can't. Amazon technology is not compatible with the Overdrive software mostly required by Australian libraries (there are other systems but Kindle isn't compatible with them either). The Kobo is just a reader; unlike my Hanvon it doesn't have audio but then I have an ipod and iphone for that. If you DO opt for Kindle then you can join the Philadelphia Free Library in the US for $50 a year (not free to Aussies!) and borrow all the books you like. I think Sony e-readers are also worth checking out for Australians. I have liked my Kobo but do have some criticisms - after 15 months it constantly has to be recharged. Also, the page turning is playing up a bit and I find the ability to move from page to page through the books rather inadequate. Otherwise, it's fine. Hope this is helpful - am happy to answer more questions.
Posted by Gardenezi
I had an Iriver story Hd. but I dropped it and the screen smashed and I can no longer find I rivers in store. As all my books are on google play I need to buy an ereader that allows me to easily download all these books. Which one should I buy??? I have been told Kobo or sony PSR T3... but then also been told they dont sync to google play. very lost Can any one help?
Posted by StaceyY
I have kobo down loaded on my pc. can read books on the screen, my question is would I be able to transfer the books via cable to a kindle or other e reader to take with me.
Posted by red555
I bought a kindle paperwhite in February 2013. I love it. no problems at all. recommend this product.
Posted by MareaJ
The battery isn't sealed in, it's just held by 2 screws. You can easily find battery replacements on eBay for the Kindle 3, and I've taken the battery out of mine, so I'm not making this up :-)
Posted by TheFrenchConnector
I amtrying to find the a 10" or 10"+ ebook reader for my son as an Xmas Present. Does any one know where I can find one Please.
Posted by CAROLYNN
I am about to buy a new e-reader and my main requirement is one that downloads from libraries, which my previous e-reader was not able to do. Kindle is no use for this purpose so am looking at either the Barnes and Noble NOOK models r the Kobo Touch. I'd love some advice on this, especially as the Barnes and Noble support in Australia does not seem very good.
Posted by Gardenezi
Hi Gardenezi!

The Sony PRS-T2 has library support in Australia, I'd say it's the best option for you.
Posted by Michelle Starr
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