Fetch TV moves into media streaming

The Fetch TV set-top box has added an update that lets it stream media files from around your network.

The Fetch TV set-top box.
(Credit: iiNet)

The update is called My Media Hub, and will allow Fetch TV users to browse and play media content stored on compatible devices on their home computer network. A range of videos, music and photos are all supported, including MP3, WMA, WAV, MOV, MPG, AVI and more.

My Media Hub will also allow Fetch TV to play content via the USB port. Files can be accessed from a USB stick, external hard drive and even directly from a camera plugged in to the USB.

The update is free, and can be accessed from the Featured Apps menu. iiNet has produced two set-up guides for connecting USB devices and media servers, both of which are already available on its website.

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Got the email today about "My Media Hub", open the app, got excited, only again to be disappointed with FetchTV, "NO AUDIO", I use HDMI cable for both audio and video so I wasted my time hooking up RCA cable, nope still a POS.

At least I know the USB port works now.

Warning to others with FelchTV, live video on demand does not work when recording at times, you can pause and then it works, but you can not wind back before you pause, well this is what happens with me, when I am not recording something else, I seem to be able to rewind back to when I first started watching that station, (I can understand why this may not work)

They need to upgrade so that recording two episodes etc on the same channel which are one after the other, does not stop you from recording another channel, it is not smart enough to know that.
Posted by JasonM6
About time...
Posted by petermchardy
Does it speak DLNA?
Posted by CraigT3
Yes - it used DLNA.
Posted by Nic Healey
The question is, does it play FLAC?
Posted by Chandler
I just had a quick look and FLAC isn't mentioned in the supported file list.
Posted by Nic Healey

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