Find My iPhone, now with navigation

Apple has updated its Find My iPhone tool, adding the navigation smarts of its Maps app to make tracking down your lost phone easier.

(Credit: Apple)

The user interface for the service now shows a Quick Route button, which plots a course from where you are to your device, using the same system underpinning the new Apple Maps that was introduced with iOS 6.

Of course, judging by the track record of Apple Maps so far, you might want to double check the route provided on a second service. Apple came under fire in Australia this week after the Victorian police service issued a warning that users should "be careful when relying on [Apple Maps]", following several reported incidents of people becoming lost and stranded while using the navigation tool to reach the country town Mildura.

This is the latest in a string of criticisms from users regarding the mapping app. The company's CEO Tim Cook issued an apology for the state of the service shortly after its launch.

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"adding the navigation smarts of its Maps app" ... so now you can not only lose your iPhone, you can lose yourself too!

Find My iPhone - now with more Lost!
Posted by Chandler

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