Halo 4 hits US$220m sales in 24 hours

The first non-Bungie Halo game has broken a few records, both locally and overseas.

(Credit: Microsoft/343 Industries)

Halo 4 might be the most expensive game Microsoft has ever made, but it's seems to be worth it, racking up US$220 million in its first days of sales and on track to make over US$300 million in its first week.

This makes it the biggest entertainment release of 2012 — at least until we see the figures from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 — although, it's still a long way from the biggest in the world. That honour still belongs to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which took US$400 million in its first day.

In Australia, Microsoft is claiming that the Halo 4 launch was the largest ever Halo launch and the second largest gaming launch locally.

Halo 4 also broke records for Halo players, with 4 million players logged in the first five days of being on sale. A frightening total of 31.4 million hours have been spent playing Halo 4, pushing the total number of gameplay hours across the Halo franchise well beyond the five billion mark.

To put that figure into perspective, a single player would take 3582 years to rack up that much time on Halo 4, and 570,398 years for the whole Halo franchise.

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That's impressive. Especially knowig that the game is sold for Xbox only.What other games are owned by MS?
Posted by CarelezzO
Great point, Jevon
Posted by JohnY1
What should be pointed out is Halo is only for Xbox, even though Modern Warfare 3 took it to 400 mill on first day its on more game systems so thats automatic multiplier. Halo would dominate if that was the case.
Posted by JevonH
more evidence halo should go back to the days of pc, i mean come on, how can microsoft miss out on pc, something which is their domain. in my opinion the last good halo was the pc versions anyway, and their profit would be ridiculous
Posted by zi ggy

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