Kaya halfway in quest for gaming Guinness World Record

We caught up with Okan Kaya as he heads into the home stretch of his 120-hour Black Ops II marathon. How's he holding up? Will he make it through to Monday?

Okan Kaya, looking fresh on Tuesday morning.
(Credit: 4Cabling)

We reported on Okan Kaya's effort to break a 120-hour gaming record on Tuesday, and today Kaya crossed the halfway mark in good condition, with just a weekend separating him from the Guinness World Record.

Kaya passed 66 hours played at 2pm AEDST on Friday, with 10 hours of rest logged along the way in three separate power sleeps. He told CNET Australia that of all his struggles so far, holding the controller for this long has been the worst, giving him some hand troubles. One finger in particular has been getting sore, but some careful stretching and band aids have kept the problem under control. He's also been spending time on a stair machine to keep himself physically active while playing.

Kaya today, on the step machine to keep the blood pumping.
(Credit: 4Cabling)

And how does someone rank who has played the game since launch non-stop? As of our 2pm check-in on Friday, Kaya was ranked 532 in the world out of 3,558,049 players.

Kaya expects to pass the record mark sometime on Monday afternoon. To officially break the Guinness World Record, he's had a team of helpers along for the ride. This requires two "stewards" present at all times to log hours and breaks, plus two "witnesses" in the form of friends, family and 4Cabling staff working in shifts throughout the marathon. Final verification requires a JP to give a sworn statement, a stop-motion camera capturing images every 20 seconds throughout the attempt, another camera continuously recording the attempt and further pictures from before, during and after the epic gaming session.

You can keep up with Kaya's efforts by tuning in to the live stream (embedded below). You can also track him down in Black Ops II on the PlayStation 3, and show him some support, or find out how easy it is to frag someone who's been playing non-stop for a week. Kaya's network ID is Xx_OE_xX_.

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