PlayStation 4 official specs

Sony has released the specs for the PlayStation 4, revealing the AMD Jaguar, a low-powered chipset designed for tablets as the CPU.

The PlayStation 4 logo.
(Credit: Sony)

In the wake of its enormous press conference in New York this morning, Sony has sent out the current official spec sheet for the PS4.

The current PS4 spec sheet.
(Screenshot by CNET Australia/Nic Healey)

What's interesting here is the use of the AMD's Jaguar. The Jaguar is the next step from AMD's Bobcat range. It was designed for use in low-power devices (in the 5-25W range) — primarily tablets and notebooks. But the standard Jaguar configuration allows for four cores, while the PS4 has eight.

In the end, it's a custom chipset, so it's hard to draw too many conclusions, but the use of Jaguar architecture may mean the final form-factor will be slim in size and design to keep a power draw low.

It's a bit light on some other details too, including, of course, any weight and dimensions. The "subject to change without notice" footnote is usually boilerplate legal bits for these of things, but we do think that a few changes might occur before the launch at the end of the year. At the very least, we'd like to see 802.11ac make it to the wireless specs.

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