Save Publishing does your tweeting for you

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Bookmarklet Save Publishing will find the most tweetable sentences on every page to take the hard work out of your social networking.

Do you feel that your brilliant tweets go unrecognised? That people don't appreciate how excellent you are at finding content on the internet? Well, finding it is only half the battle. Coming up with a pithy hook to get people clicking — there's the rub.

Well. There's a bookmarklet for that.

Save Publishing for Firefox, Chrome and Safari will scan each page you use it on, searching for quotable phrases — what you have to do then is choose and click on one of the highlighted phrases, and it will open up a pop-up with the phrase and link copied into a tweet (you have to be signed in to Twitter). Then all you have to do is click Publish.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste one of the phrases into another social network of your choice.

It's the brain child of writer, programmer and funny-man Paul Ford, who claims that the bookmarklet was originally a joke — but that now, he uses it every day. As he says:

Everyone else has web software that is going to save publishing. Why can't I have some, too?

We don't know if it will, in fact, save publishing, but it probably can't hurt.

You can grab the bookmarklet for yourself at

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