Sony farewells the cassette Walkman

The Sony TCM-450 cassette Walkman.
(Credit: Sony)

After 33 years of life, Sony has finally discontinued production of its line of cassette Walkmans.

In a "wow, they were still making those?" kind of news, Sony is finally retiring its range of cassette Walkmans, according to Japanese news website Akihabara News.

The three devices in question — the TCM-400, the TCM-410 and the TCM-450 — seem to have not been available in western Sony stores for some time. The cassette Walkman will go to rest in Japan, the same place it came into the world.

It's not quite the end of the cassette, though: Sony (and other manufacturers) will continue to produce tape decks and boom boxes, though we suspect it won't be for long now. But while the CD and the MP3 are undoubtedly superior in many ways, we'll always harbour a fond nostalgia for the plastic sound of the cassette snapping into the tape player, hours spent recording mixtapes from the radio ... and even spooling chewed tape back in with a pencil.

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read that article, bring me some strange feeling, as a person who grew up in 90's, walkman and cassettes gave me so many memories. thanks for that old-techonolgy for coloured my teenage ages :)
Posted by GiovanniP
RIP Cassettes. One day, day...Cassettes shall rise again.....but with digital stylings
Posted by LindsworthD
i wonder if our dads and moms and uncles felt the same way about records, the way we feel about tape. i grew up with it, spent hours looking at, wondering the marvel of the technology which was beyond comprehension of a 10-year old. it's something that will always be a part of the kid who never grew up.
Posted by MohammadM2
I grew up in the 90's, so I've pretty much experienced it all. I think I still have tapes and vinyls in my basement somewhere.
Posted by RichardE1

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