Spectacular TARDIS fridge probably isn't bigger on the inside

(Credit: BJ Johnson)

But think of all the food you could fit inside!

This fantastic fridge lives in the home of a pair of glass sculptors — Joy Alyssa Day and BJ Johnson (who made this breath-taking blown-glass orrery) — in Central California.

(Credit: BJ Johnson)

It's not built from scratch; it's a French-door fridge wearing an 11th doctor TARDIS skin (or the first doctor), with the police call box sign placed artfully over the ice door (and bearing a little wordplay).

It's not just a pretty face, though; Johnson is also an engineer, and he rigged the fridge to make the TARDIS' landing sound whenever the fridge doors are opened.

Want one of your own? You may be in luck. They're looking to turn their project, invented in a fit of whimsy while in the middle of a difficult commission, loose upon the market for an asking price of around US$125.

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Thank you! That's my fridge! You can read how it was made here: http://joysblog.glassnebula.com/art/making-a-tardis-refrigerator/
Posted by JoyD3
That is seriously the most awesome thing that I have seen for a long time
Posted by Spartan Jack 17
Posted by SteveH3

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