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Last Week with the HP OfficeJet Pro 8600

This printer has been a good all-round product. Right from the set-up, which was very easy, the printer has performed well. A printer that does not require constant attention is a good printer.

I've now had this printer for four weeks, and have been very happy with all it can do — and am still to use all of its functions to their full capability. more »

This printer did more than meet our needs in my little office. However, it might be good to look at what needs this printer does meet in the wider world. more »

Well, after four weeks of using the HP Officejet Pro 8600, here is my conclusion: high-quality parts, wireless connection, clear menu display and it's amazing at conserving ink. more »

This week, the Hewitt-Packard (HP) Officejet Pro 8600 printer has been sitting in its space, keeping quiet and just doing its job. So now, it's time to see how well and what quality it produces when printing some promotional material for a business. more »

This week has been good! I have printed many photos and I am quite happy with them! Printing with professional papers is always a good thing with inkjets. Printing in black, photocopying and scanning have been all very good and productive. more »

Get up, eat, catch a bus, go to work, grab a coffee, eat, work, sleep. The day's over! Slightly resemble your hectic lifestyle? For me, this was my whirlwind week ahead of me. more »

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