The best mobile games of 2012

Every year, as the technology advances and attracts more developers, mobile games become even better. Here are some of the best mobile games released in 2012.

There were so many great mobile games released in 2012, from Fireproof's deeply atmospheric The Room to the fast-paced difficulty of Super Hexagon. All the games on this list have been chosen not just because they're really fun to play, but because we feel they bring something new and exciting to mobile gaming.

Please note that these games are in no particular order of excellence. It was difficult enough just picking the ones we did without having to rank them, too.

Do you have a favourite 2012 mobile game that you don't see on this list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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As a multi platform user i don't get / purchase games unless they are on both platforms.This list is way too iOS orientated to be taken seriously.....obviously no good games were released on the Play Store in 2012.
Posted by barrett
I play hundreds of mobile games every year; the overall trend is that Google Play is where many devs go to practice; iOS is where they go to get serious. It may have something to do with Apple's QA - it is much more strict about the quality of the titles on its platform - the price of admission (AFAIK, Google doesn't charge for a dev to release an app, whereas Apple charges a fee), as well as the fact that iOS devs only have to design for one piece of hardware, which means they have time to concentrate on other things. This trend is changing, but where quality games are released for Android, they are usually released for iOS as well. It doesn't go the other way as often; devs will usually push out their iOS title first once they have the game perfected for one piece of hardware, and the Android one will come out up to months later, after they've made sure the app works properly on all devices.

Therefore, many of the more interesting games that appeared for Android in 2012 were ports of 2011 titles from iOS and therefore weren't appropriate for this list. That's not to say there were no good titles for Android; generally, though, the quality of iOS games is higher.

HOWEVER, if you have examples of great Android games that you feel belong in this list, please feel free to tell me about them!
Posted by Michelle Starr
Quite a good looking line up, unfortunately mostly on iOS... I know why, but please devs! Release your stuff on Android, seriously!
Posted by Chandler
!!!! I must own this!
Posted by RanD

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