World's most expensive production camera sold

Earlier this year, the record for the world's most expensive camera was well and truly smashed by the Leica 0-series from 1923.

That was a prototype camera, of which only 31 models were made. While that 0-series still holds the record for the world's most expensive camera, three other Leica models have gone under the hammer at the same auction house in Germany and set another record.

The world's most expensive production camera.
(Credit: Westlicht Photographica Auction)

A Leica M3D owned by photojournalist David Douglas Duncan was recently sold for €1.68 million, grabbing the prestigious honour of being the world's most expensive production camera sold. It was customised for Duncan's use, and even the camera's extensive wear-and-tear marks weren't enough to dissuade the top bidder.

Also auctioned off was a gold-plated Luxus Leica for €1.02 million, and the first M3 that rolled off the production line, which reached €900,000. Take a look at some of the other steep prices reached at the recent auction for some very valuable cameras.

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Status symbol , not the best pictures like what's on the market today. There are Canon, Sony, Olympus, and other camera's that are both mechanical, and digital. The best ones cost in excess of 1000 dollars to 3000, and are well worth it, because of accuracy, zoom, and clarity.
Posted by LarryF
This camera is probably like a vintage Rolls Royce or Mercedes, it's very unreliable, it's trumped at mileage, reliability, comfort (probably), power, speed etc. by cheaper modern cars, but they still sell for tens of millions of dollars. Rare collectible item, that's why it's so expensive.
Posted by TaviB

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