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I'd much rather have this on my library card.
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The writing of the Time Lords is a mysteriously beautiful system, but a little hard to understand. A fan-made downloadable program will do the translating for you.

The BBC never really formalised the written language of the Time Lords in Doctor Who. That honour goes to an enterprising teen in the US by the name of Loren Sherman. In his own time, Sherman devised a system whereby Gallifreyan can be translated from English and vice versa.

That said, it's still quite tricky — as you can tell by both Sherman's guide and the Time Turner wiki's attempt to simplify it.

But if you want to get your name in Gallifreyan monogrammed all over your handkerchiefs (or your kids' names as fancy tattoos), there is an easy solution: Sherman also created a simple Java translator. All you have to do is download it, enter the text you want translated, hit enter and the program does the rest.

You can download the translator from Sherman's website here (just click "Translator"). It worked fine for us on Windows, but if you can't get it to work, he also created OS-specific versions, which can be downloaded here.

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Translator-generated Gallifreyan often looks a bit rubbish. Here is my version of your name:
Posted by JudithL
This is just randomized symbol generator. Still cool
Posted by LuR
The downloaded program won't work on my computer. *sadface*
Posted by SarahK2
It won't open on my computer.
Posted by SarahK2
With all of the Gallifreyan Translators why has noone tried to figure out the Doctors name?
Posted by DaniF
The Doctor's name translates to "who", or "who am I".
Posted by CarmenW
Because the Gallifreyan used in the series is just random and does not follow any fan-invented alphabet.
Posted by JudithL
There is also an online translator which can be found at http://www.zygar.net/Gallifreyan/translator.html?text=Bow ties are cool!
Posted by Zygar
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